life without ceasing


how can you ask your off-spring

to stay on through the long dark


if you do not?


no man is an isthmus

without deep

courageous motion,


backward and forward,

through the distress:


aviation that flies itself first

through the blind spots,


that stalks the mystery,


the loud lusts and

louder loves


of the fleshly spirit;


wings speaking with wide mouths,

slightly open and singing the entity:


the joyful bewilderment

of a child home alone

for the first time;


a man craving a

good story but refusing

to open the vessel of

his own woman;


the feminine breath

embodied on the

baffled wind.


the future moments listening,

the techniques playing



disciples of the hours.


the heavens opening,

the bells ringing,

the tower watching,

the sounds leaning,

the ciphers shaking,

the damage drumming,

the fists forming and unforming,

the throat opening and letting go:


life without ceasing.