forgive me, father

forgive me, father

for i have sinned;


it’s been fifteen days

since my last poem.


these first baby steps

are weird and wonder-


ful; i wonder where

they are taking me.


maybe to you—to the

brightest thing in my life.


let me know where

your heart is;


let me know your

words so i can


steal them away:

the purest relation-


ship, you say, preserved

in this crystalline distance.


can you see them? the pink

clouds rowing through the sky?


humming right along-

side? we’re almost there.


fall back

waking to an empty

house, the light tripping

across the quiet


my love is states away


a beautiful silent film

that keeps playing, that


keeps falling back

and springing


ahead; a glorious loop

crying out for pause


as the people laugh and

shake their bellies and

wait for their ship to come in


the storyteller dances on

the dock to the soft click and


fuzz of the reel, stitch-sweeping

the curious eyes, mouths,

non-voices of clowns


while the ship creeps


across the cutting

room floor