brown eyes,

gold skin,

black cross-hatching,

blue rivers of veins

running through;

i see you. i see you.

your fingers find mine,

carry their own heat;

i feel you. i feel you.

your open mouth holds

what we don’t need to say.

you unfold your acre arms; and

i fall straight through

to the other side.


another lifetime

the heat called your name,

called you in.  you found me

sitting cross-legged in the glint

of candles: naked on the bed, on a

raft, in a teepee. you sat across

from me and became an indian

chief in a field under a moon

wearing a headdress. my fever

opened wide and took you in;

we rode the rush of blood and

animals and skin—past the hurt,

the mundane, the doubt, the every-

day terrain. only toward the end

did you turn into a demon; but by

then i was already there and gone.



the mamas bring the

music and the light,


stroking sweet-

ness into being,


inoculating against

the self-made man.


every where you look

is a circuit board


waiting for



the stars are

still inebriated.


i keep my hands

at 10 and 2


as i measure

you, ride


your war-

torn body


past the banyans

into the sunrise.

tunnels and tunnels

my body is one long bone

in need of being cracked.


(will this this be the last?)


they say when you dream of houses

you are dreaming of your selves;


i keep dreaming of forgotten rooms,

hidden realms, my parent’s walk-in


closet, split-level bedrooms splayed out

like shelves of lovers coming forward


to read me the sonnets of my sins.


so delicately thin, this line of what was

and what is to come—


we are all so old;

we are all so young:


tunnels and tunnels

through which to run.




i want
to feel your thorns, run
my tongue up, down, over their peak,
let them cut me deep, make me weak,
make me bleed for you, seep into your
hungry mouth; i want to feel you come
apart when you taste me, take me
under, tear me open-asunder with
want and wait and need. i want
you greedy for only me, for my
teeth against your throat, my
adorned desire on its knees.