whales and wolves

you are here, and not here:


fly-swimming over deep

caverns and continents;


pack-running through the

wood-keep of your ancestors.


i am there, and not there:


scouring for seed sounds in the

caves best made for shouting.


the echoes know the truth;

they have been here before:


ma, da, wa, ka

ma, da, wa, ka


hands down

we are out of time ,


inside this anatomy

anachronism .


on the outside , the

wind tunnels


persist : digging away at

our cells ,


hunting those

seven years .


you have the right to remain silent :


to triangulate temple , tendon ,

tomb ;


spirit whipping

through .

honor system

if i have to die

being hunted,

being chased and cornered and cut –

i want it to be

at the behest

of an animal:

a lion, bear, wolf, shark;

by the sharp eyes and teeth

of something hungry,

something in need,

something that can’t know

greed or hate

or how to ameliorate

my pain.


winter is a

sly fox


running over

masks of

ice fields




winds and



chlorophyll cooling

within moon

struck sticks


and far below the




a hairless human


ice fishing for



in argillaceous