you’re in a relation-

ship with the world:


put your lipstick on.


up a ladder,

up a banyan,

through a canyon,


into the arms of love.


i should always be

this care free;


leave the camera on—

let them see, let them see:


lit, full of engine energy;

who i wanna be:



just me, just me.




burn all the money

you write me into existence with

those beautiful veined hands;


your phantom sweetness bleeding

through to greet-create me.


this world was made to be free,

to be met head-on with abandon:


rolling down a grassy hill, throwing

all your gold over a cliff into the sea.


do you hear me? all we need comes

from the earth; every-thing we eat:


grown up and out like what we know

in our roots to be the ancient


trees of self, of

abundant anti-greed.





20150708_210010 (1)
do not be afraid of the bliss,
the tender-wristed trembling


fill it;
fill it up

with the hallowed
breath given from

the deep-
down hollow.

open it up like the
gift that it is,

and let it

without knowing
what’s next,

the next breath,
the catch.

stop running from
your own pleasure.

cross the pond of numb,
to the other side;

swing wide your lantern
of shadow-light,

let it burn long miles
into the night.

stop running
from the free:

from the carved-out
space of be.

stop breaking
into slavery—

again and again,

saying: take me,
tie me to the post,

to the tree, to this
prison of madness.

what is this moment?
what is it worth?

what is it?
this this?

it is every-thing:

it carries you, tired child—up,
up the spiral stair-case to bed.

poem in your pocket: not your normal ode


i don’t trust

pants without pockets.

i don’t trust myself

to wear them, to not

have that container—like a

bucket but so much closer—

to not suddenly drop my phone,

your number, my own hand

straight down my back/side.

the kangaroo has the

right idea: built-in

storage. if we had a

skin pocket, i suppose

i would want to carry you

around in mine. unless i

was being carried in yours.

we could take turns—at least

until the baby came.

i don’t trust a poem

that can be kept in a pocket.

it should be a siren: burning

a hole straight through and out.

it should burn the pants

right off you—right

down to the ground.

a good poem is all the lies and all the truths

you have ever told, rolled up into a tidy

scroll, for just a moment, and then—charging

forward and backward and upward and downward and

every which wayward to take out an entire block—

like a bulldozer, like a flock of flying rhinoceros.

i don’t trust a person

who can be kept in a pocket,

who wants to pocket another.

if i were to carry you around in mine,

it would be for just a tiny time,

until you gathered the dark heat you needed,

until you chewed your way out:

slowly, gorgeously,

letting me feel your teeth

as you broke into the world

to be heeded again.

this isn’t what i expected to write on

poem in your pocket day.

but when do we ever know

exactly what we are going to say,

what is going to break out of all

of our invisible burning pockets?

if you always do, shame on you.