burn all the money

you write me into existence with

those beautiful veined hands;


your phantom sweetness bleeding

through to greet-create me.


this world was made to be free,

to be met head-on with abandon:


rolling down a grassy hill, throwing

all your gold over a cliff into the sea.


do you hear me? all we need comes

from the earth; every-thing we eat:


grown up and out like what we know

in our roots to be the ancient


trees of self, of

abundant anti-greed.





don’t kill the messenger

calendars & clocks
tides & aftershocks

icarus taking the sun for a walk

talismans of tenacity
keys to the magic city

atlantis meets narnia meets goldilocks

entire blocks of memory lost
to the flood of mercury

but the strangest little details come calling
come crawling out of the night


reasons to knife the page

everything starts sounding the same
the same the same the same

crossing over

sometimes, if you don’t burn
the bridge, it will burn you.

it might not happen right away;

it may take days, months, years
for the crazy-beautiful-fucked-up flames

to lick your way:

and leave you maddening
in a time-whipped daze.