— true —

let the pain write

the poem,

let it explode;

stop being careful,

stop caring what

they think:

your mother, the man-

child in the

stroller, the clown

on the corner;

write it all down

— true —

so you can start to live it.



2 thoughts on “— true —

  1. I was just at home tonight feeling so much. And I was like, I should just write this down. Even if it is a terrible song. Or poem. I should just let it come out. Your post is like a “Yes, darling, you should” when I really need it. Thanks.

    • lunachik4 says:

      Marya, thank you so much for reading and sharing. I have been inspired in turn by many of your words 😉 I think someday we shall meet again and create something beautiful together ❤

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