quietly ecstatic

when you wake, the film is
still over your eyes. do not rush to
wipe it away. before sleeping last night
you watched a fire-works show behind your
lids. the sparking center was a homing beacon.

now you are pseudo-awake and sitting with it.
the drip in the kitchen sink keeps you grounded.
the grit under your feet reminds you of being born.
the voices will keep coming, flowing into you, if you only
remain open. do not close; do not tidy up; do not cover yourself:

see yourself laughing, out among the stars.
watch yourself flying, honoring that primordial part.
you are setting the stage, setting the words and worlds a-
blaze. half of your active life is past. keep building, making
things that last. you did not think that it was possible to feel this full.


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