behind the blue ridge

every thing is
shape and shadow;
every thing holds
light and depth and a
hollow core leading
to more.

there are six
sides to
every story:
hex-a-gon s
building their
sacred geometry,

while the eyes in
the bedside table
engrain the lines into
their cell memory:
translucent pools of
been here before.

the way your voice
dips low and mine
climbs high; the way
the wonder hides
as we rush to fill
the lush space:

parallel universes
hushed in black & white;
the occasional punch
of color
makes me

red-head-ed love,
trapped and floating
up a shaking spine of stairs—
leading to the stars,
leading to the little
prince of every where.


2 thoughts on “behind the blue ridge

  1. Polarity. Gravity. Beautiful.

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