in a heart beat

i want to show you the abstract paintings

behind my eyes, in my head, in clear disguise :

threads singing, spun together,

strung out on string theory.

i tried to tell you that

water was living;

no one wanted to listen,

no one wanted to see :

the non-cellular

entities moving,

dancing toward

each other;

sliding their non-cellular

bodies over non-cellular

rocks : slippery wet dream

layers, stacked stories getting

laid down before lost—long and living

and hard; but not beyond being dug back up.

pre-cellular rough

drafts, perhaps.

they expand out and focus in; a pre-

served deep dive tunnel through time.

i tried to tell you the

earth was round.

i tried to tell you to come

and fucking get me.

some-thing drew us in

with a big black sharpie;

some-thing is still drawing us

in like magnets :

across these raging fields of

poles on shoulders, grit-gripping

at the hours under the

hungry tick of the clock :

dark points stripping,

ripping in(side) a heart beat,

inside the applause

you rode in on.


Photograph: Butterfly Nebulae, Hubble Telescope


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