you only pass this way once:

crossing this one-way bridge

that sings out your dragon song,

that does not repeat.

they say if you’re not

growing you’re dying.

well, you’re dying anyway,

so you might as well grow

some thing. be at the

center of it, even in the

midst of the mess, the

pain, the loss; digging for

meaning. keep gathering:

moments, memories,



like a quiet warrior,

keep fighting

the urge to give up,

the surge to not care.

keep finding some thing to love,

to pass on, to lift up, to bear.


Photographed structure “Home Away from Home” created by Katarzyna Borek and on display at the IX Art Park in Charlottesville, VA


2 thoughts on “mournful-joyful

  1. Phoenix. says:

    Reblogged this on The Perfect Phoenix and commented:
    I love this so much and even though what happened today wasn’t in my hands, I feel this captures the void I’m in.

  2. lunachik4 says:

    Phoenix, thanks so much for reading and commenting (and reblogging). Like your name, I wish for you to rise up from this void with a new fire.

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