in a little lavender room,

time stands still:


paper flowers and

real-life blood bloom.


and tiny sprouts of envy.


but this is not about you.


i forgot everything i knew

that day: my keys, my phone,


where to go, who i was,

where i came from.


when it all went down,

and the moment came,

and the danger passed,

and the new life came out,


i was rooted to that spot:


i could not

stop staring

at that magnificent



wailing with

fresh lungs and

squeezed-shut eyes

and flailing fists

and the reddest skin

i’d ever seen.


profound things take time;


a deep sea


that needs to be opened,

that needs to be needed.


before money,



before time,

sun & moon.


before sun & moon,

the every-thing of



a true treasure



the vowels opening up,

consuming the consonants.



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