tiny & full

on my way to flying school,

late as usual,

taking the lady liberty boat

since i just missed my bus.


i was up all night,

dreaming of teeth

falling out and digging in

to chase me;


of cruising over

bridges and swimming

under cities

(naked, of course);


of moving through non-time —

a star for a pocket-watch,

a string of white moons ’round

my wrist: tiny & full.


2 thoughts on “tiny & full

  1. redgladiola says:

    I’ve never had such a dream but I hope the anxiety wore off. =)

  2. lunachik4 says:

    These are images from recurring dreams… which I do think sometimes stem from anxiety, but also from a place of wonder and the unknown… which can be very beautiful as well. The paradox!

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