a good omen

This is my first blog post (not including Myspace, which I know many people discounted a long time ago — but that is for another blog post).

Beginning anything new can be daunting; I tend to circle around something before starting it, stalking and studying it, stripping it down and redressing it numerous times. Sadly, this sometimes destroys it, and it never becomes. So I will not dwell on this part.

I will instead talk about endings.

On my last day of a very involved and intense job of four years, we had an outdoor farewell gathering for myself and another colleague. As we enjoyed cookies and punch and shared highlights of our time together, this tiger swallowtail came to alight upon a tiger lily. It was the perfect meeting; a good omen as we said our goodbyes and thought about our next adventures.

butterfly pic

I do not know what my next adventure will be — yet another beginning to circle and stalk. I took this picture as a remembrance that the right things will meet together in the right time. My only job at the moment is to remain attentive, imaginative, and faith-full.

When a coworker asked me what I was going to do first with my free time, I quickly answered without really thinking, “Sleep!”

I am truly beginning to decompress and enjoy the first steps of this long and winding road of time, trying to remain guilt-free about the delicious hours of sleep, sun, reading (for pleasure!), writing, spending time with my daughter, and visiting with family.

I also have a long and winding to-do list, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I have all the time in the world. ~


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